All of us long for a hero to follow. A champion. Someone who will fight for us, give us meaning and purpose, and provide hope for the future. It might be a politician, a sportsperson, a family member or friend. It might even be ourselves.

But time and again, these ‘heroes’ fail to deliver. They let us down.

But what if there was a better hero?

Someone who provided true meaning and purpose, who was able to save us from our biggest problem of all, and provide us with lasting hope?

In the pages of Mark’s Gospel, we read about the historical account of the life of Jesus.

These four short studies have been designed for you to either read on your own, or do with a Christian friend at a time and place that suits you – it might be down the pub, in a café, at work or at home.

So why not make the time to examine what Mark says, and discover a better hero.

“Someone needs to fight, someone needs to sacrifice, someone needs to inspire, someone needs to be a hero.”

Amit Kalantri