Let’s be honest. Life can feel…hard. Home life, work life, social life – we might experience moments of joy, but we’re often haunted by the feeling that life just never seems to quite measure up to what we expected. And then, of course, there’s the thing that no-one likes to mention – that life is fleeting, and death lurks around the corner. And it all just leaves us asking the question: is this it?

We long for a better life. A life that gives lasting meaning. A full life. A life that lasts.

But where do we go to find it?

In the pages of John’s Gospel, we read about the historical account of the life of Jesus, and discover that he holds out the offer of a better life.

In these pages, you’ll find four short studies that have been designed for you to read on your own, or to use as a conversation starter with a Christian friend, as a way of beginning to explore the life-changing claims of Jesus.

So dive in, start the conversation, and discover a better life.

“I can’t shake the feeling… do you picture a better life?”